Male best friend?

Is there a such thing I hear you ask? Well…it depends. Are you calling your fuckbuddy your BFF or do you genuinely have a male best friend? One who possesses all the qualities your female best friend has and can 100% put your hand on your heart and say you have a completely platonic relationship […]

I got an “O WOW” response 

So I’ve always been super territorial when I’m just at the ‘speaking’ stage with guys. I’m always the one to put all my eggs in one basket. Cut off all my hoes and dedicate my whole time to speaking to just one person, even before it becomes official. I understand not everyone works like that. […]

Marriage vs Success

Following from my encounter with James in Las Vegas we have still kept in touch. He messages me everyday. He is a true poet with words. Even when I left for my flight back home, he txted me wishing me a safe flight and spoke so highly of me as a person. It was great […]

Bro Code?

Is there a such thing? So. I recently posted a blog An open letter to my follower where a reader had commented  that there is an unwritten “girls code” that I do not follow and that I am not a girls girl. To be honest with you. I didn’t know what she meant by that because […]

Closet Gay Fuckboy?

Is there even such thing? I hear you ask!I don’t even think this guy was gay…or a fuckboy…but I want to share my experience and then maybe you can be the judge… I was on POF (Plenty Of Fish) early 2016 Scowling through the stupid “Yo babez” messages trying to de-clutter this massive inbox. One […]

Broke Fuckboys!

What’s worse than a fuckboy? A BROKE fuckboy! I was scrolling through my facebook posts and came across a status update which made me think. It said: “A woman who desires a successful and financially stable man is not a goldigger, she’s a woman with sense. What woman in her right mind wants some watless […]