Aidan’s girlfriend added me on insta!!

I know her user name very well because I have in the past spent an unhealthy amount of time on her insta carefully preeing. Her facial bone structer. Her large backside (very jealous) her designer clothes. She has a particular manly face (no shade) like, A really hard face. I’m trying to think of a comparison. Maybe Hazel E from love and hip hop Hollywood. 

So not an ugly female. But could be softer in the face. I remember seeing these boots she had on in one of her posts and I remember brazenly asking Aidan where they’re from (he had the exact same pic on his insta) he said they’re from All Saints. I went on their website and saw said boots. £260???!!!! AM I A DICKHEAD IN LIFE BRUV??!!!- clearly I am. Cos I bought those fuckers! They’re still one of my favourite boots and they’re so versatile so def money well spent. I just find it funny I got fashion inspo from my fuckbuddys woman!

When I would pree her profile I would be so careful not to accidentally ‘like’ any of her posts. It’s really important to not bait yourself out. This is a classic school girl error that I so far thankfully have never made. 

Her profile went from public to private but I didn’t care. I’d seen enough. I don’t actually care about her to be fair. And the reason is because I don’t want Aidan as my man, therefore I have nothing I need to compete with so don’t need to compare myself to her. I have exactly what Aidan wants (sexually) I’ve mentioned before; he’s complimented me on things I didn’t even realise he even noticed. He said he even likes how my acrylic nails tap on my phone when I’m texting in his company (the guys mad) 😂

So I’m on the phone at work on a conference call. I was on my mobile at the same time as these calls can have a lot of silences and long pauses so being on my mobile is a distraction. 

*Lou_baby* has requested to follow you appears on the top of my screen. I screenshot that bad boy and send it straight to Aidan “explain this” I what’s app’d him. He says it’s nothing to worry about and just to leave it- don’t accept it. He also thanked me for bringing it to his attention. 

So. Is she on to me? Does she know something me and Aidan don’t? He don’t seem worried and frankly neither am I. I’m just curious how why she would add me. We have no mutual friends (apart from Aidan and Martin of course) I’ve gone to check her on my ‘pending’ list and she’s gone. Which proves she’s def preeing. She’s just not as slick as me thought. You can’t allow your fingers to get the better of you. I’m so glad I screenshotted that otherwise I would of questioned my sanity and thought I imagined that even happening. 

I don’t want any drama but if I get any funny texts…I’ll just come with receipts and done her whole dance……….😊😊😊😊

#TeamNoGirlCode #lol #JustKidding 


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