Broke Fuckboys!

What’s worse than a fuckboy? A BROKE fuckboy! I was scrolling through my facebook posts and came across a status update which made me think. It said: “A woman who desires a successful and financially stable man is not a goldigger, she’s a woman with sense. What woman in her right mind wants some watless […]

An open letter to my follower

So I’m sitting on my sofa, chilling after a long Sunday afternoon. I currently have a blog pending I was going to post post but I’ve had to push it back to address a comment I received from a young lady who had taken the time out to kindly read all of my blogs. She […]

Falling in love with your fuck buddy!

I’ve been following this amazing blogger who I get email notifications every time she posts a new blog (which always excites me). I like her blogs because (unlike mine) they’re short and sweet. But very detailed and she keeps me wanting more. Little and often is the key, unlike mine. My blogs I guess require […]

Side chic [part 3]

I thought of every excuse why I would need to contact Mason. I didn’t want to beg for him back, because I had told him to fuck off so to speak and truth be told, he needed to crawl back to ME.  I remembered I had left one of my jackets in his friends’ car […]

Side chic [part 2]

Kyra is a single mum with 2 kids and was excited to see me “I could do with the company…and it sound like you could do with getting out of the hustle and bustle of London” she said. She was right. I booked my train ticket and went to Nottingham the next day. I had purposely […]