Bro Code?

Is there a such thing?

So. I recently posted a blog An open letter to my follower where a reader had commented  that there is an unwritten “girls code” that I do not follow and that I am not a girls girl. To be honest with you. I didn’t know what she meant by that because as far as I was concerned the “girls code” is only broken if you fuck one of your girls or family members’ boyfriend/husband. However I have been told that as women; we should show a loyalty to each other stay away from ANY woman’s man. And I agree-

Now my question is. Does that rule apply to men too? Because although there is a very small percentage of fuck girls that intentionally sleep with their best friends’ man or sisters boyfriend/fiancé/husband. I feel like it is MEN who are worse. Like I’ve mentioned in my blog Falling in love with your fuck buddy! Aidan was my ex boyfriends best friend. They are still best friends to this day. Besides the fact of me not initially being attracted to him it was the fact that he was Martin’s best friend that made me say “no” to him for all those years. But due to his persistence and him having no regard for his friendship. I didn’t see why I needed to uphold the moral bargain of staying away.
So. I am currently blogging from my hotel room in Las Vegas. I’m on a girls trip with my cousin and some friends. There’s 4 of us. Two are single and two are taken. Let me give you a breakdown of their names and personalities so you can identify with them-

Laura: Voluptuous light skinned 28 year old extrovert. She’s been with her bf for 3 and a half months. Enjoys casual and anal sex. The loudest of the group. Has stated she would happily cheat on her bf if the opportunity presented itself.

Stephanie: Quiet 27 year old. Been with her boyfriend for 8 months. In honeymoon stages. Very much in love. Has no desire to cheat on him. Slightly reserved. Quiet. Introverted to some extent but makes for great conversations and heart to hearts. Can sometimes be ‘away with the fairies’ but a genuine good soul.

Michelle: Very quiet introvert. However yearns to be extravagant and extroverted but lacks confidence. Has a great figure but in the cruel world of social media where big butts and boobs wide hips and thick thighs are in she feels she is too skinny. Single but desperate for a meaningful relationship however would be happy to indulge in casual hook ups in Vegas if the situation was to present itself.

Then there’s me: Single 29 year old. Can be the life of the party but can also go into a shell if there are bigger personalities in the group. Laura being so big (in more ways than one) overshadows my personality. I came on this trip with an open mind. Although I told myself if I would to have a one night stand it would be with just one person. I’m away for 7 days and I will give myself ONE HALL PASS to be a slag but not having different cock everyday of the week. Also happy to just enjoy my trip sex free.

We all booked this trip a year in advance and were all single. Two months into booking the holiday I got into a relationship with Robert. It only lasted 3 and a half months but would of probably cancelled it if it got serious. Laura and Stephanie then got into relationships which they are still in. Although Las Vegas is known for being sin city. You can still enjoy yourself without indulging in hoeish activities. This trip is my 4th visit to Vegas and I have never had a one night stand here and it’s still my favourite city in the world. We did all have one rule though- no judging! We are all grown women. We will do whatever we want to do. As long as we are safe and not in harms way.

We arrived into Las Vegas Wednesday evening. With all the jet lag we went to dinner and came back to our suite and went straight to bed.

The second day we were by the pool. Our hotel had a day club and it was packed. We bumped into some guys that were on a stag do. I met a lovely guy called James. He bought all of us drinks but took a particular liking to me. He was from Atlanta. He said he worked for Hewlett Packard and travels a lot for work. He’s single and has no kids. We spoke for most of the day. We took pics together. He was all over my snap chat. By the end of the day I was getting more and more drunk and couldn’t take the heat (or the conversation) any longer and told James I need to go back to my room and to excuse me. He offered to walk me back to my room. He came in and basically tucked me into bed. He said our hotel has some great restaurants and he would like to take me out to dinner. I said that’s fine. He made a reservation for STK for 8:30pm (btw it was 5:30pm at this time) I said I need to take a nap for an hour and then I’ll get ready and meet him at STK.

Long story short. I slept through the whole night. Still on London time it’s now 1:30am. Apparently James had called the room at 7:30pm and one of the girls said I’m sleeping with no signs of me waking up. Laura, Stephanie and Michelle also came back to the room and slept through and we are now all full of beans. Michelle mentions that she got talking to some guys when I went up with James and they want to take us to a strip club. I was up for that. Strip clubs are usually something you do after a club so we were right on time. Michelle called her new friend Bradley and told him to meet us in our hotel room so we could all go together with him and his boys.

Bradley came to the room. He looked a bit like Brian McKnight

Very clean around the edges. Had inpecable manners and spoke very elequintly. I could tell Michelle wasn’t that interested in Brian but he was offering us a free trip to a strip club and we were bored and wide awake so who cares?

We walked down to the lobby and met his other two friends Kieran and Chris. Kieran looked like Solider Boy. Tall lanky with grills and tattoos and Chris looked like Mike Epps

Chris actually had the personality of Mike Epps too. We introduced ourselves and Mike Epps (let’s use their lookalikes names) said “Hey I’m Chris. But you can call me lowwwng dick”

We laughed and kept it moving and headed to the taxi rink. We were told there were too many of us to get in one taxi so we needed a limo. Brian Soldier boy and Mike were up for that and in we went into this plush stretched limo.

We listened to blaring loud trap music on the way to the strip club and went inside. It was a far cry from the strip clubs in London. I was amazed by these women. A lot of them had fake bums and really wide hips with tiny waists. They looked like “build-a-Barbies” Brian managed to find this gorgeous Masika Kalysha lookalike who had what appeared to be a naturally large behind, small waist and subtle fake boobs. She was beautiful.

Brian handed over Michelle a stack of one dollar bills and told her to enjoy her dance. Michelle being quite shy and introverted; looked like a deer caught in headlights when Masika came up to her and shoved her tits in her face “you can touch em” she said to Michelle. She then turned round, bent over and touched her toes then twerked like her life depended on it right in Michelle’s face. I recorded the whole thing (then got in trouble from security after)

I thought to myself that I definitely would of made better use of that dance so I decided I was going to grab a quick dance off Masika myself. She gave me the best dance. We had a great conversation. Her name is Jackie. She has a daughter. I said to her that I bet she makes a lot of money and the other strippers must be jealous but she says it’s actually the opposite as Vegas is predominantly for white men so they request the white strippers. That surprised me but I guess it makes sense. I touched her fake titties and grabbed her ass cheeks making them clap while complimenting her on her smooth skin. It was the most random and surreal thing. After the song had ended she got on her knees and picked up the dollar bills that had fallen from me pinning them to her thong.

It was weird to watch. The feminist in me wanted to scream at her “get up. You’re better than this. Why are you on your knees picking up dollar bills with your ass up in the air?!” The other part of me didn’t really give a shit and thought “fuck it, she chose this life”

We all left the strip club in another limo and decided to go back to our hotel and meet the rest of Brian Soldier Boy and Mikes boys at the Casino. A Trevant Rhodes look a like was at the roulette table.

He had on a snap back. White T shirt and grey cotton shorts and trainers and looked very laid back. The boys introduced us to him and he didn’t even raise his head to look at us. He wasn’t interested. And in true fuckboy fashion. I was attracted to that. Soldier boy had already told me he thinks I’m beautiful but I told him I have a man and child at home. Mike Epps was onto all of us and Brian was digging Michelle…HARD!

“Ya”ll made me lose a hunned bucks” Trevant shouted after half an hour of not opening his mouth. His deep based American accent was giving me fanny flutters.

Everyone was disbursing into different areas. Michelle went with Brian to the slot machines. Mike was whispering in Stephanie’s ears and the rest of the guys were hovering over Trevant on the roulette table.

Laura came up to me and said “I’d definitely fuck him” *pointing at Trevant* “and him” *pointing at Mike* I didn’t agree with her with Mike. I don’t like extroverts and I don’t like sleaze bags. And considering it was his stag. He was acting like a fucking twat sniffing around fanny like a dog in heat.

“Mmmm Trevant is cute. I agree” I said “he looks like he has a big dick” Laura said. We were both on to him. And I didn’t mind that. Hey- it was Vegas. I wasn’t trying to marry him and I didn’t even see it as competition. I saw it as two young ladies appreciating a good looking man.

It was 5am and we were still on London time so we were all wide awake. The boys invited us to their room to have drinks. We figured we would all go up there to kill time as we were waiting for breakfast to open at 7am. We went in the room and drank; talked a lot of shit and just chilled.

7am approached and we asked the guys if they wanted to come with us to grab breakfast and head back to our room. They all agreed. So me, Laura, Stephanie, Michelle, Brian, Soldier boy, Mike and Trevant all head to this breakfast place and order food. As I’m waiting for my muffin I see Trevant low key sitting by himself on a stool on his phone. Me and Laura clocked him and we whispered to each other loud enough so he could hear us talking about how handsome we found him and imagined how big his dick was. He saw us giggling at him and was like “what you say?” Smiling “we said you look like you have a big dick!” We shouted giggling like high school girls. 

We were having light banter and instantly his dick starts to rise. He said us talking about him like this is making him horny. “Ya’ll gat me outchea wid ma dick all out n sheeed” he said. Me and Laura giggled and we all made our way back to our suite.

We had a massive curved sofa which most of us were able to sit on in the living room. The rest sat on chairs. I positioned myself next to Trevant. I didn’t go out of my way to. There was an empty space next to him and I filled it. We were drinking henny and eating our muffins and the group conversation lead to sex. While everyone was talking I laid my head on Trevant’s lap. While the group were talking he hands me his phone and asks me to add him on snap chat. I took his phone and typed in my username. He then sends me a dm saying “let’s get outta here. I got my own room” I texted back and said “not right now” as I messaged him back Mike said he was sleeping in the bed with Michelle (I share a bed with Michelle). He’d already took all his clothes off and was standing in front of us with bright yellow Calvin Klein boxers. Michelle seemed up for it and me not wanting to be a cock blocker; and also for the fact that I wanted to be with Trevant. I volunteered to go to his room.

I did make a disclaimer to Trevant that I had no desire to sleep with him (I didn’t) and that I’m only sleeping in his bed as a favour to Michelle. “Why you gonn’ say something like that ma?” Trevant said. “I’m just saying” we headed to his room and I got changed into my bodysuit which I took with me as bedtime attire. I didn’t want to have to do the walk of shame bright and early through and massive lobby/casino in pjs or my going out clothes so opted for a top that I could comfortably wear to sleep that also looks like daytime attire. I also thought. If it’s an all in one. It’s harder to slip off so I was very calculated in my thoughts (or so I thought). 

Trevant started to get undressed and took his clothes off and with each layer of clothing he took off the less attracted I was to him. His body shape was of an old fat man. He was shorter than before (he was wearing Air Force 1s which I call man heels) he had a really round hard belly which his shirt was covering nicely beforehand. He took his snap back off and his hairline started at the crown of his head. I was so angry at myself for allowing Mike to be sleeping in my bed right now.

This must be how guys feel when they get a pretty girl home and she takes off her weave, waist trainer, bra and make up. I felt robbed.

I thought to myself “it’s 8:50am. You can be out here in an hour or so. It’s fine” I turned over and said goodnight.

Long story short Trevant begged me to have sex with him. I said no. He then begged me to give him head. I said no again. “Then can I at least have a massage?” He begged “where?” I asked. Trevant took my hand and lead it to his dissapointingly small penis. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t tiny. But it wasn’t this big schlong me and Laura gassed it to be.

I laid there and gave this not so Trevant looking guy a hand job. While he guided my hand over his dick moaning. He begged me to let him put it in but I’d already decided in my head there was no way in hell now that I was gonna use my one free pass I’d given myself on this receding hairline, fat, little dick having American. The talent here in Vegas was way too good. I got this. I just need to make this hand job so good that he’ll cum and fall asleep and not bother me.

After a couple of minutes he stopped me and grabbed a condom and put it on. I stopped him in his tracks and asked him what he was doing. I was still distracted by the state of his hairline and really pissed off with myself that I didn’t just settle for Soldier Boy. He said he has to at least feel it. I point blank refused. He then laid me on my back and pulled my leotard to the side and began to eat me out.

I won’t say it was amazing. Because it really wasn’t. But it wasn’t bad enough to make him stop either. And considering I haven’t had my pussy eaten since Aidan last month. I kinda welcomed this little muff dive. But every time I would look down I would see his hairline and it was really fuckin me up.

He got up and kissed me in the mouth and then went to put his dick inside me. I looked him dead in the eye with a really serious face and said “No” he kissed his teeth (which I didn’t even know Americans do)😂 and turned around. “Do you want me to go?” I asked “Na ma. You good” he said. I could tell he was pissed off but I didn’t really care. I asked him to wake me up at 10:30am (at this time it was 9:55am)

“Yo ma it’s 10:30” he said in a stern tone. I woke up as if I had just blinked and groggily looked at my phone. It was 10:26am which made me laugh because he didn’t set an alarm and he clearly just wanted to kick me out as soon as possible for wasting his time (and condom lol)

I got dressed and insisted he walk me back to my room so that I don’t look like I got fucked and have to do the walk of shame alone. “I’m gonna grab breakfast anyway so yeah that’s cool” he said.

It was crazy because I felt a worse feeling  of rejection after NOT sleeping with him. Would I of felt this way if I did? I snapped out of it and thought I would of probably felt worse if I did and that I did the right thing. He was really cold and standoffish. He took me back to my room. I thanked him and we gave each other this weird awkward shoulder to shoulder hug.

I went back in the room and saw something out of an old school hip hop video. Girls and guys and underwear all over the place. Stephanie was on the sofa lying naked with Mike. Soldier Boy was lying in between Michelle and Laura in the bed naked. I had nowhere to lie down but I was wide awake so I went out on to the balcony and admired the view.

I came back in after a few minutes and Laura was awake. “Morning Hun” I said laughing and looking at the situation in the bed. The look she gave me…wow. All I can say is, if looks could kill…

I went to the loo and came back out. Laura was out on the balcony. I could hear her kissing her teeth. I asked her if she was okay and if she was pissed off at me. “Why would I be pissed off with you?” She asked. “I dunno Hun. You just don’t seem yourself…” I said “But WHY would I be pissed off with YOU?” She asked again more stirnly. Now this bitch has DEF caught an attitude but I don’t know what her beef is.

I kinda clocked it was probably because I went off with Trevant and she really liked him but that’s no reason to have a stink attitude with me. Plus- this heifer has a bf!

She was making me feel really uncomfortable so I decided I was going to have a shower. As I walked back in the room, Stephanie woke up “hi Hun” she said with her breasts staring at me. “Hey Hun. Did you sleep well?” I asked. She said yes and then looked at Mike in a kinda “ffs what happened last night?!” look. I gave her a look basically to ask her to “spill the tea” and she was giving me this “don’t ask” look. We were communicating through our eyes but we totally understood each other.

Stephanie walked out to the balcony and said good morning to Laura. When Stephanie came back in the room I asked her if she clocked an attitude from Laura.   “Yeahhhh. It was really weird” she whispered. So now I knew I wasn’t going mad or being paranoid. This girl had a major attitude. Michelle woke up and said good morning rubbing her head. I really wanted to know what went down while I was gone but I wanted to know if Laura had an attitude with Michelle too…she didn’t. I mentioned to Michelle that me and Stephanie felt uncomfortable and she said that maybe she’s just home sick.

I wasn’t buying it.

Laura came back in our room. The boys woke up. She said she was going to have a shower and started gathering her things. 10 mins prior, Mike grabbed Stephanie into the bathroom and said “lets go take a shower” and they made their way to the bathroom. Laura then headed to the shower too with her towel in her hand. I thought to myself “maybe she’s going to join in” but I think she probably didn’t hear when Mike told Stephanie they were going to take a shower together. I just heard the bathroom door slam and Laura’s large body stomping loudly back into our room kissing her teeth and then slumps herself on the bed grabbing her phone pretending to look busy.

Michelle asked Laura something and she answered “I just wanna have a shower init. And my girls in there getting her pussy eaten kmt”

It was official. She was MAD! And it all made sense. She really liked Mike and Trevant. Trevant took me back to his room. And Mike is eating Stephanie’s pussy as we speak. She had no attitude with Michelle because she had no reason to. 

Soldier Boy woke up and told Laura that they were taking a shower together. She looked at him like he had officially gone mad. Cut her eye at him and kissed her teeth. He asked Michelle to join him and she kindly declined. After a few minutes Soldier Boy left. Mike and Stephanie were still in the shower together. The music was really loud in the bathroom.

I needed some coconut oil for my hair which was in the bathroom and Stephanie & Mike had been in the bathroom for a while. I knocked on the door and heard a “one minute” from Stephanie. She opens the door with a towel round her and what I saw next I still can’t get out of my head. Mike came from behind her naked like the day he was born where I saw his dick literally touching his knees. It literally took my breath away and my jaw dropped the the floor. It was the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life “what the fuck do these Americans eat” I said to myself. It was long and thick. “You don’t call yourself long dick for nothing do ya?” I said laughing. I shut the door. Completely forgetting to take my coconut oil with me.

Mike eventually left and Laura wasted no time ripping into Stephanie. She basically said in not so many words that she was a complete whore and she should feel really bad for cheating on her boyfriend. I don’t know how Stephanie was able to keep her composure but she went back into the bathroom and had another shower.

We all got ready and Laura says she doesn’t fancy going to the pool party today. Michelle also agreed and said they want to go shopping. Me and Steph decided to head to the pool. Which worked for us because we did not want to be in Laura’s presence. Steph said that she was so taken a back by Laura’s comments that she had to go back in the bathroom to cry. She said she was so mad she was shaking. I told her not to worry about anything. Laura’s just jealous cos she wanted her pussy eaten and just enjoy the rest of the trip. 

We headed to the day club and met up with Brian, Mike, Soldier Boy and Trevant. Brian said to us that he was really upset with Michelle because he really liked her and went out of his way to take us all to the strip club, bought her a stripper paid for all our food drinks and limo ride then suddenly she got naked and hopped into bed with Solider Boy so left our suite and went to his room. Trevant said he wants to eat my pussy again and have sex with me. I splashed water in his face and told him to behave. We got drunk on cocktails at the pool and spent the rest of the afternoon bitching about Laura.

During my time away I’ve obv been snapping away I’ve been receiving dms from this guy back in London who just started following a few days ago me called Niall. Niall is a friend of a friend of mines called Nathan so I found it was really odd that he was sending me lovestruck emojis and telling me I look good and to keep the snaps coming when he knew the history.

He was telling me what he would like to do to me and would like to see me when I’m back etc…

“Erm, is Nathan gonna be okay with this? Isn’t there a bro code?”

Niall was really confused as he had no clue what I was talking about. I told him that me and Nathan were kinda seeing each other back in 2013 but nothing materialised because he was very wishy washy and he’s actually really shy too. Which drove me mad because I never knew whether I was coming or going with him. He said he had no idea and asked me if I still talk to Nathan. “I haven’t spoken to him in months. I bumped into him at drakes concert in January but that’s it” I said.

What happened next really creeped me out.

I got a what’s app message from Nathan saying “that’s my fave pic of u on your dp” I screenshotted the chat and send it to Niall. “Are you lot trying to set me up?!” I said to Niall. Niall admitted that he hadn’t spoken to Nathan that weekend and didn’t even know we knew each other. I asked him if it was a problem and he said as long as I don’t have a problem with it. He’s cool.

Now I told a half truth because things did materialise with Nathan and I. We’ve had sex once but it was in 2013. It wasn’t anything special. In fact. I think it was after that I stopped trying with Nathan cos the sex was so whack it weren’t worth the effort (even though he’s stupid sexy) I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.

I didn’t want to ruin my chances with Niall so I just said we used to talk and that’s it. We’ve been speaking on snap chat all week. He’s sent me pictures. (Some normal selfie type pics. But he also sent me some dick pics too) which normally don’t do anything for me. But his were giving me major fanny flutters and I caught myself staring at them for very long periods of time. The only thing (apart from the Nathan thing) putting me off him is that he constantly talks about having sex with me. He will engage in non sexual conversations but I have to initiate it  but it’s mainly “I wanna come to your house after work” which is never a great start.

It’s weird cos I so badly would love to be in a relationship and from our conversations he seems like a great catch. I just don’t know if he would ever take me seriously based on the encounter I’ve had with one of his very good friends over 4 years ago.

He did ask if we should quit while we’re ahead. I said unless he wants to I don’t see why we should block our blessings of potentially having something great just because of one person. He agreed. We also agreed it made no sense to mention anything to Nathan yet either. Whether he has yet or not I don’t know because all of a sudden now Nathan has been messaging me non stop.

It could be coincidence. You know what men get like when you upload a fire selfie or body pic. All of a sudden they want that old thang back!

What I like about Niall is that he is really quick with responding to me. We talk constantly and he always sends me good morning and good night texts which are important.

I don’t know the bro code…shit. I don’t even know the girl code. I don’t know if he will ever take me seriously just of the fact that I have had dealings with Nathan that he’ll just write me off and only try to deal with me on a physical level and is only trying to be sweet now to just get into my panties. I don’t know if it’s worth telling him the whole truth about Nathan. I really enjoy our conversation. He seems like such a great guy. But I don’t know if I’m just excited to have attention from someone new. I can sometimes be blinded by the right and wrong attention and my judgment be clouded.

Is Niall breaking the bro code? Did Soldier Boy break the bro code with brian?….


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